Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornadic Storms Moving Into Memphis Area

***Update, 7:47 PM CDT:

I had an update ready to post at 7pm, showing that the severe thunderstorm with strong rotation having moved to the Northwest side of Memphis, but the freaking blogger kept crashing everytime I tried to publish the post.

I'm glad to report that although several funnel clouds and lowerings were reported across Northwest Memphis and Shelby County, no actual touchdowns seem to have taken place.  The above radar image shows that particular storm continuing to advance East/Northeast at 40 mph, along with several others.  Current Tornado Warnings are indicated by the purple polygons.

Please stay alert if you live ahead of this activity this evening.  Tornado Watches continue in effect.

***Update, 6:47 PM CDT:

If you live in Memphis, you should be in your shelters at this time.  The white circled area on the radar image above shows the most likely location for a tornado (very strong circulation still indicated on radar), while the purple circled area shows the most likely location of very large hail of golfball to tennis ball size.

This storm is moving East/Northeast at 40 mph, which will bring the most dangerous portion (with tornado potential) across the Northwest half of Memphis between 7:00 and 7:20 pm.

This storm could deviate more toward the East over the next few minutes, so I highly recommend the entire city of Memphis take tornado precautions at this time.  A funnel cloud was recently reported near Edmondson.  A tornado could be on the ground already, or could form at any time.

***Update, 6:30 PM CDT:

A dangerous thunderstorm with strong low-level rotation on radar continues to move toward Memphis.  Based on the present track, the most dangerous part of this storm will be located over the Northwest side of Memphis at 7pm.  Please don't let your guard down if you live in the Southeast half of Memphis, as even a slight deviation in the movement of this storm could make a big difference.   If you live anywhere in Memphis, seek shelter as this dangerous storm approaches.

It is beyond comprehension to me why the NWS in Memphis has not yet issued a Tornado Warning for the city.  Please don't wait for this to happen, and take immediate steps to get to safe shelter as this storm approaches.

Very large hail can also be expected to the North of the circulation, up to tennis ball size is possible.

***Update, 6pm CDT:

The storm approaching Memphis has slown a bit, but is still moving on a path directly toward the city at this time.  A strong area of rotation is noted on radar very near Forrest City, AR at this time (white circled portion on the right half of the radar image above).

If you live in Memphis, prepare for severe weather, including a possible tornado, between 6:30 and 7pm.

This is a potentially very dangerous weather situation for Memphis.  Please seek immediate shelter as this storm approaches.

------------------------------------------Original Post:

Tornadic thunderstorms are advancing rapidly Eastward toward Memphis at this time.  

In particular, the storm currently approaching Forrest City, Arkansas is currently heading directly toward Memphis at 55 mph.  If the present speed & direction of movement continues, the storm will be entering the city by about 6:15 PM.

A tornado has not yet been reported on the ground with this storm, but it is violently rotating on radar and could produce a tornado at any time.

If you have not left work yet, I would strongly consider staying put.  If you do decide to head home, please make sure that you can get there by 6pm and to a safe shelter should this storm continue on its present path.


Shamrock said...

Please, please, please, PLEASE do not come East towards me!!!

Shamrock said...

Rob is it still too early to say if this is going to hit us?

Rob In Texas said...


Computer models have been consistent in diminishing this activity after is passes middle Tennessee during the overnight hours (after about 2am CDT). That is why the SPC has continued to keep the severe risk just West of you. At this point I don't see any reason to doubt that, as nothing has changed in the atmosphere to suggest that the storms will continue to be severe past that point...

As always, I'd keep the weather radio or whatever nighttime severe weather source you have handy tonight just in case...

Shamrock said...

Thank Goodness.....Thank You, Rob!